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Policy guidelines


To avoid any conflict of interest, no compensation or equity will be provided to CCE DreamStart1234 Mentors from their mentees. This program is not intended for mentors to find clients, employment or deal flow. CCE DreamStart1234 Mentors' primary interest must be in serving pro bono the startups and helping develop the next generation of French entrepreneurs in the New York area.

There may be cases where mentors and mentees find common interests and would like a mentor to join the team. In these cases, CCE DreamStart1234 Mentors do have a policy and procedure that serves all parties and whose primary objective is to maintain a clear, open communication and full transparency.

If a mentor is considering joining the startup team, he/she will have the obligation to notify the CCE DreamStart1234 committee.

A mentor will have the right to invest in a mentee at any time if both parties desire such a partnership, but only if the investment follows the policy guidelines of open communication and full transparency vis-à-vis the CCEs and the CCE DreamStart1234 committee.