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About Jonathan Zrihen

In October 2015, J. Zrihen will assume the role of Clarins Groupe Chief Executive Officer.

Jonathan started his carreer in1993 at Clarins. In the last ten years In 2004, after five successful years in the Asia-Pacific markets, Zrihen focused on Canada. In January 2007, Zrihen was named President and CEO of Clarins USA Inc., putting him at the helm of one of the largest subsidiaries for the brand worldwide. Since 2009, Zrihen's portfolio has included posts in both Canada and the USA, prior to his taking over leadership of The Americas in 2012. As President and CEO of Clarins Groupe Americas, Zrihen concentrated on expanding the brand into emerging markets in South America while continuing to strengthen its place as a prestige skincare leader in the US and Canada.In February 2015, a decision to consolidate the Group's Executive Management structure resulted in the creation of a new role and appointment for Zrihen as Global Chief Operating Officer.


Global Chief Operating Officer, Clarins Groupe