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Who are we?

experienced senior french executives

With unique competences and networks in the US.

Selected for their competence and international experience, the ‘Foreign Trade Advisors of France' (CCEs) are appointed for three years by decree of the Prime Minister upon the recommendation of the Minister for Foreign Trade. For more than 115 years, on a pro bono basis, their mission has been to promote France, her presence in the world and her foreign trade.

In 2015, the ‘Foreign Trade Advisors of France' of the US North-East section York created "DreamStart," a business group dedicated to the mentoring of French startups trying to establish a foothold in, or expand into, the US market.

CCEs are all recognized French leaders of the US business community. They bring considerable local and international expertise and a network of unmatched value. With their experience of the North American market and their international expertise, CCEs are perfectly positioned to help startups maximize their chances of success by giving them access to their professional networks as well as to? the collective knowledge of the CCE group. There are more than a hundred of them located in New York or close to New York City.

Their combined experiences cover all areas of business, from manufacturing to services and from commodities to luxury goods or new technologies. They will assist French startups navigate the local environment in dealing with regulations, marketing & sales, financing, staffing, manufacturing or supply chain issues. In other words, they will help the startups avoid frequent pitfalls. A French startup is defined as a start up with at least one French founding partner.