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The mentors


Mentors' commitments

French bicultural individuals with deep industry, investment, or entrepreneurial experience. They will work with the companies pro bono, without expectation of reward or compensation; they will share their knowledge and guidance freely; and they will open their networks when appropriate. In addition, mentors will also:

Provide specific, actionable advices.
Be good listeners and responsive.
Be constructive.
Be result-oriented.

The individuals listed here do only represent a cross-section of the Foreign Trade Advisors of France belonging to the US North-East section. All CCEs of the section are potential mentors.

Why mentoring ?

Anne Busquet
President AMB Advisors


Patricia Carreras
President IC&A Inc.


François Chateau
Senior Partner at Dentons - Law firm

"Mentoring for me is a two way street. I share the knowledge with start ups that I have gained over the years I have been woking with start ups and at the same they give me their perspective and view of their world. We learn from each other and it is mutually beneficial to both."


"Mentorship is a powerful tool. It should always be a two way street. It is about inspiring, supporting, expanding one's thinking and challenging one's mind."




"I believe that a Mentor serves as an accelerator for achieving goals better and faster. A mentor guides and helps structure ideas, plans and ambitions.
A good mentor is priceless... "



Jérome De Chaunac
Global COO Havas Sports & Entertainment


Jean-François Deroche
CEO for Credit Agricole USA


Jean-Hugues Monier
Partner at McKinsey

"Mentoring Programs are a great way to connect inspired individuals with experienced passionate mentors. Mentors can share their business experiences, struggles, and learnings to their mentees. This will aid mentees in becoming successful in their business ventures as leaders and entrepreneurs."


"New projects and ideas will benefit from external input in general. A regular exchange with another entrepreneur already established in a new country should help identify challenges quickly and tackling some practical issues efficiently."



"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." Benjamin Franklin





Jean Rosanvallon
President Dassault Falcon jet


Yann Wittner
VP, Global Alliances Operations Dassault Systemes


Jonathan Zrihen
CEO Clarins Group

"The United States aerospace market is the largest and the most competitive in the world. Dassault started it's Falcon business jet presence in the US in 1963. Mentoring is the best way for startup companies to accelerate their presence in this key market and avoid possibly costly mistakes".


"It is difficult for a company to plan and succesfully execute their international development strategy. Being able to rely on our network of professionnals for getting hands-on advices and mentoring can be the difference between success and failure."


"Mentoring is a wonderful experience. It's helping the next generation to profit from our experience and knowledge as well as enjoying the mentees' eagerness and enthusiasm to learn."